Pushing the boundaries of Retail Marketing. HRG is an award-winning shopper and retail marketing agency based in Northampton. We started life as a creative & print management company in 1990. But there was no holding back our big ambitions and ever since we’ve steadily grown in the world of retail marketing. We embody a range of diverse talent including designers, developers, strategists, researchers, digital experts, campaign planners, a logistics division, procurement experts and of course our highly talented client services team. Belonging to the respected Altavia group of companies, Europe’s largest Retail Marketing Services Group, we extract the best value from global shopper insights and make use of our strong worldly connections to foster the best thinking in retail marketing. Always brave, always bold, we’ve been on an interesting journey, taking us in new directions and opening the doors to work with a pretty impressive roster of household brands and retailers. But some things remain the same. Our dedication to being the best we can be, for one thing. We aim to transform shopper marketing by adapting communication for tomorrow’s world. This means we want to create a link between a brand, the retailer and its customers which must be constantly nourished, enriched and transformed. We’re alchemists of change in the retail market.

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